Sunday, March 14, 2010

Raj Alergies

Question:    My question is concerning health and healing.  And I’m wondering if ego or limited concepts . . Well, I have a tendency to react to certain foods.  And I’m wondering if limited concepts or ego consciousness is limiting my ability to, let’s say, to keep to a strict diet, or the limited concepts and ego is limiting my ability to experience foods that I would wish to experience at any time? RAJ:    It is both, but the culprit is the latter.  The limiting beliefs are keeping you from enjoying whatever you would call normal foods going into your mouth and through your body without upsetting you. Now, I would encourage you to approach this from the standpoint of understanding what substance is.   Because no matter what the form taken is, the substance is the one and only substance, which is—and I am not being too absolute here—the presence of God expressed, the presence of Meaning expressed.  And as I brought out earlier, every single form is nothing more and nothing less than Meaning expressing an idea in the Mind of God. Now, as long as you divide forms into categories and define the substance of those various categories as being different from each other, you are operating under and false concept, a sense of division, a sense of separation.  This arises out the fundamental ego perception that divides the infinity unity of God up into disparate or fragmented parts. Again, I encourage you when you are considering various substances that appear to be different—coming from different food groups, etc.—to acknowledge that they are all various forms of one substance, which are expressing the differing intents or meanings given by the Father, given by the Creative Life Principle, or Infinite Mind, for the purpose of expressing infinity.  If they are one substance, then there cannot be any reaction between one and other. Your body is the same substance—the substance of Spirit—as the substance of squash, or lima beans.  I will extend this a little further to include pollens and other forms of substance that it is believed the body can react to unfavorable.  The reaction arises out of a fundamental belief that there actually are many substances which can function at odds with each other. All of your world needs to be brought under one heading.  In other words, you need to find one Source underlying every single manifestation of form or substance.  In this way you will not find substances killing you, or making you ill, or giving you headaches, or inflaming your sinuses, or irritating your lungs.  Either all is God, or all is not God.  And if it is all God, which it is, then you need to begin to consciously embrace and acknowledge every single thing as the manifestation of Meaning, instituted, or instigated, if you will, by the Will of the Father. If the Father is indivisible, then the Father is undivided.  And His infinite Self-expression must manifest that same indivisibility. Now, your ego looks at the Allness of God and says, “It is good and it is bad.  It is healthy and it is unhealthy.  It is destructive and it is constructive.  It is chaotic and it is harmonious.”  It divides singleness into duality, conflict and polarization.  And it overlays your perception of the Kingdom of Heaven and causes what you see to seem to be divided and in conflict.  And you must challenge that.  You must challenge it consciously, by acknowledging that this has to be illusion.  Because if God is All, then what you are seeing cannot in actuality be divided or polarized. And then I encourage you, very gently, without overwhelming yourself to begin to explore your world, partake of your foods, embracing those foods with the conscious awareness that they are not of any different substance from the substance of your body.  And therefore, there is not foundation for reaction.  And I encourage you to expect to experience the movement of those substances or foods through your body with absolute harmony and with your getting the complete nourishment that you should be getting from those foods. You have become conditioned to react to those substances.  And I realize that it appears to you that you didn’t think about it, and you just discovered that you were allergic, or that you had reactions, and that you have just had to live with it.  But I will tell you that there was a point at which you bought into the fundamental belief that you live in hostile territory.  W whether it was when your Mother told you to watch out for cars, or not to play with electrical sockets, or outlets. You have embraced the concept, the belief that you live in a polarized world.  And now you are having the opportunity to challenge that belief, and be open to the experience of the unity of your world as it bares directly on you and your eating.  And it is a wonderful opportunity for you.  And as you find yourself becoming free of reaction, this experience will lay the groundwork for your challenging the idea of polarization, of conflict in other areas of your life so that you may move through into the harmony of those aspects as well. Do not labor under the belief that there is justification for you not to be able to eat certain foods, because your body cannot take it or will not respond gently and normally and naturally.  Challenge that idea.  And explore your capacity to enjoy those foods. As I said though, approach it gently.  If you are allergic to squash—let us say, yellow squash—do not eat three of them at a meal just to see if indeed it is going to move through you without reaction.  Your capacity to trust into that much squash moving through will be difficult and there is no need to test in that way.  Explore a little bit at a time.  And as you find yourself not having reactions and relaxing more because of that, you will find yourself able to eat more normal quantities. It is not appropriate for you to have to defend yourself against your world and the fear that what you DO is what creates the physical symptoms that seem to substantiate the belief.  It is your Birthright to embrace your world fully without suffering.  Southport, Australia--1989

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