Thursday, September 16, 2010

Message from the Divine! Raj

You must make roon for the constant flow, for the constant source that IS constant to be FELT by you.  Do whatever it takes to establish this as a habit, not by a sheer act of will, but rather as an act of willingNESS. 
 Really, that is all it takes.  It is that simple.  Willingness to pause from the knee jerk habit and listen as if for a song you know you really do know.  In each and every interaction, the song is playing.  Do you hear it?  Do you let it comfort and soothe you?  Are you relaying it's harmony and melody to all around you?

I say this because it is in the willingness to embody…to receive and embody this resonance, that you broadcast it.  And why do you do this?  To be, as I said last time, a spokesperson for God?  No.  You do this because it is utterly natural to you to do this.  And it's receipt and it's broadcast constitute LOVE.  Then life becomes not a flat character play, where the words and actions are the focal point, but a living, breathing, vitally alive experience of participation, we will say, with this resonance…AS you witness to it.

So how do you do this?  …the mind wants to know, to plan, to strategize here .  It is simple.  You pay attention.  You are willing to let your attention be trained by the Holy Spirit what to pay attention to, and how to pay attention.  As you do, the Holy Spirit expands your innate capacity to feel Reality.  Like an accordion, it, your attention, spreads out.  It feels spacious.  One could say, infinite.

We are not talking about in meditation here, though you are all used to this expansive feeling in that instance.  We are talking about EACH moment you are in, including reading this right now.  

As you are willing for the Holy Spirit, which as I have said is nothing more than your right mind, to inform you-as in information for the more that is present as that moment that thinking has habitually categorized and tucked neatly away as: "Oh, I know what this is!"….as you do this, as you are willing to be shown and schooled in not just how but to actually DO IT, you will find your attention to be gathering "other" information. 

You will also find that this other information is not information to file away, to compare and contrast with other bits of information.  It is instead a nourishing experience in and of itself.  It is information not about something or something else, but is itself, an experience of that one or that thing that is quite a bit more direct than you have found yourself experiencing in the past, prior to this, prior to the willingness to partner with and lean into this constant association with the Holy Spirit.  It is in this union, in this willingness for union, that the unification of your mind, your whole mindedness, has a chance of asserting itself, which I said last time NEEDS to happen.  

It is inevitable that the Reality that confronts you everyday will be seen, experienced and recognized.  The Holy Spirit, felt tangibly, offers a bit of grace and ease with this transition.  Cultivate the active willingness for this partnering and become accustomed to the feel, the Presence that not only comforts, but informs, what is right in front of you.

It is in this active, alive, constant feeling of being sourced, that your true nature and identity reveals itself to you…not as a thing, but as a verb…a constant present presence that witnesses, embodies and expresses LIFE.