Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Raj, ACIM Study group 3-6-2010

“I know nothing of myself.  I never have known anything of truth of myself. 
And as a result, my experience of being the Son of God has been a troubled one, a difficult one, a painful one, a sick one, and I don’t want to have that experience any more. 
And so this me, who I have tried to build up into a big voice, is going to become silent and just be the presence of Mind that can recognize things. 
And I’m going to let the silence endure until it’s filled with what God is filling it up with, until everything that God has been filling it up with registers with me.” 
That's your Prayer.  That's the practice. 

~excerpt from ACIM Study Group with Raj 3/6/10
as Described in the Urantia Book: (2087.3) 196:0.3 
Jesus did not cling to faith in God as would a struggling soul at war with the universe and at death grips with a hostile and sinful world; he did not resort to faith merely as a consolation in the midst of difficulties or as a comfort in threatened despair; faith was not just an illusory compensation for the unpleasant realities and the sorrows of living. In the very face of all the natural difficulties and the temporal contradictions of mortal existence, he experienced the tranquillity of supreme and unquestioned trust in God and felt the tremendous thrill of living, by faith, in the very presence of the heavenly Father. And this triumphant faith was a living experience of actual spirit attainment. Jesus’ great contribution to the values of human experience was not that he revealed so many new ideas about the Father in heaven, but rather that he so magnificently and humanly demonstrated a new and higher type of living faith in God. Never on all the worlds of this universe, in the life of any one mortal, did God ever become such a living reality as in the human experience of Jesus of Nazareth.

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