Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Raj, ACIM Study group 3-6-2010

Oh, let’s be clear here. When you become still, what you’re doing is making room for God.   And then there is an infilling that occurs. First is the experience of peace. And then is the experience of feeling loved. And then an accompanying Joy. Those influxes of the Presence of God experienced by you, are themselves the impulse of the messengers that are being sent out.
And they are the messengers that will return to you with confirmation. Just being in the quietness does not send a messenger out. You’re not in the quietness waiting for a messenger to return. You are in the quietness waiting upon God, waiting upon the Holy Spirit to infill you, because it is their Purpose to uncover to you What Is True About You, which you can only recognize within yourself when you have abandoned assertive, authoritative, aggressive thinking.  

~excerpt from ACIM Study Group with Raj 10/31/2002

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