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RAJ/Jesus Explains Healing and Physical Regeneration

RAJ/Jesus Explains Healing and Physical Regeneration

QUESTION:   Boy, I don't need to ask anything because everything has been so marvelous for me this last year and a half.   And it seems that all I need to do is to wish for something and it's there before I even know about it. And physically, I'm having a little bit more problems. I can usually be able to help with a tooth that is hurting or something else. But I have problems with my eyes and I can't seem to get too much help on that. And I am wondering, are we just going to continue the way we are, or what do I do? Do I just accept it?
ANSWER:   Absolutely not!  Never just accept limitation, whether it is physical or in terms of a relationship or finances, etc. Again, "It is the Father's Good Pleasure to give you The Kingdom." Absolutely none of what constitutes your perfection in all areas is withheld from you. It is your birthright to be experiencing It.
Now, and this is important for everyone, do not let your frustration at not experiencing it occupy your thought to the point that you are distracted from giving permission for your perfection to be experienced; giving permission for your healing.
Now, I simply encourage you, each night, just before you fall asleep, to ask your Healing Team, to address the issue with your eyes, ask for a Healing Session during the night, while you are sleeping.  Then, during the daytime, when you feel yourself being bothered relative to your eyes, or even if just the thought comes to you, acknowledge that perfect vision is your Birthright.
Remind yourself that it is the intent of your body to identify the presence of you, perfectly! That it is therefore the intent of your eyes to perform their function, perfectly. That is their intent. That is their inclination, and by acknowledging it, you engage in a little bit of re-programming of your mind-sets  in acknowledging that it is your birthright to experience your perfection, physically.
And indeed, it is the intent of your body to identify you perfectly. You are  beginning to come into alignment with the Truth.  At least relative to a your thinking, you are coming into alignment with the Truth. And that is what allows for the penetration of the Truth to occur and regenerate. Now it is absolutely appropriate to any of you to assume that because you are a certain age, simply means you have traveled around the Sun a certain number of times.
It is absolutely inappropriate for you to believe or accept the idea that because you are a certain age, there are certain things you must just accept: That  you  must just realize that you can't do what you used to do and that you shouldn't even bother to try anymore.
The fullness of the Expression of God that constitutes your identity and your individuality and your existence is as fresh and new today as it was when you were two hours old.  God isn't running down. God's Self-Expression isn't becoming weakened.  God Is still Omnipotent, And Omnipresent.  And any limitation that one is feeling is invalid and illusory.
But one does, through the use of Imagination, begin to embrace mis-taken concepts. And then, that one begins to behave according to the concepts. All age problems are not old age problems. There are teenagers who are suffering from being teenagers. And there are those who are in there forties, who are suffering from "mid life crisis," and there are those who are 24 or 25 who are not yet feeling a strong sense of their presence and substantiality.
They're not, in their mind, quite grown up and they're not kids anymore. And that is a problem, an age problem. But whether you are 14, or whether you are 80, are whether you are 40.  In other words, whether you have traveled around the sun 14 times or 80 times, having experienced a little bit of space travel, you are always the full representation of Mind, the full representation or manifestation of God expressing HimSelf/HerSelf.
The Creation of God that constitutes your conscious experience of Being, is forever new and forever vital. And those who, getting into their "twilight years," which is just another ridiculous concept, who put off living because there's not enough time left to complete any of it, will find themselves, after they have passed on, as I said yesterday, with the same opportunities to continue to engage in Life.
And I will tell you, you will not suddenly find yourself to be a babe again, with what might seem to be a natural feeling of having a whole life ahead of you with freshness. You will find yourself experiencing yourself just as you were before you passed on. And then you will say, wow, I'm not going to postpone living any more. Why didn't I realize that 20 years ago, when I was 60.
The moment you begin to say, "I guess I'm just going to have to put up with my limitations," again, whether you're 60 or 20, you are simply succumbing to a mis-perception, an aberration of Awareness. And if you indulge in it, you begin to undermine your sense of your own integrity, both physically and mentally. And you begin to squelch the Life Force within you.
The Life Force is there. The ideas come to engage in Life, but then the intellect and the conditioning comes in and says, "Well, I never saw anybody else do this.  Of course Aunt Agnes would slide down a bannister at 85 years old, but she was eccentric."  I'll tell you, Aunt Agnes was engaging in life and that's why she had the spunk. Because she didn't squelch herself.
Remember that.  If  the Father has withheld nothing of What He Is from His Self Expression, meaning you, then the vitality and vigor of Life are forever present for you to embody. And generally speaking, as a youngster, you dared to embody it without hesitation. But as you became educated and you learned how to be intelligent, you reasoned yourself right out of the spontaneous willingness to be the embodiment of Life.
And that is what I am here to encourage you to stop doing.  Stop withdrawing the permission to experience your perfection, your wholeness and your vitality no matter what age you are.
Now, if you were to pass on at this very instant, you would find yourself still appearing just as you appear. Believing what you believed just a moment ago, except that where you experienced some doubt as to whether you will exist at the moment after death, that ignorance will be annihilated by the fact that you find yourself still existing.
And so the fear of death will be gone. That is the one belief that is altered, annihilated by virtue of the experience of passing on. Now if this were to happen at this moment, you would find others who went on before you, if they had not reincarnated in the meantime, those who you remember as being elderly, who are not manifesting elderlyness, you will find that they have experienced regeneration of their bodies.
It is because they gave up the inclination to just accept where they were. They gave up the inclination to just put up with old age and because also, they had the example of others who went before them who were manifesting more youth, who were physically regenerated.
Now at the moment, you don't have many examples of physical regeneration. There are healings here and there with young people and it is easy to say, well is because they are young and their body has an active immune system. And also, perhaps, they were more spiritually alert and that allowed for regenerative healing.
But those are all just excuses, for not embodying regenerative processes right now. And I cannot say it too often, Now is the accepted time. Don't wait to engage in Waking Up  after  you pass on, don't wait to engage in re-embracing Life  after  you have passed on.
Start giving permission today! No matter what your seeming age, give permission for the perfect Self Expression of the Father/Mother God, to be embodied right where you are. Give permission for the ever new expression of the Father that appears as you to be physically embodied.   Let the perfection of your Being come forth. And I will encourage all of you who have a meta-physical studious orientation, not to turn this into an intellectual process of work.
I encourage you with a certain abandonment and freedom and lightness, to just give permission to yourself to let what the Father Is, fill you and become embodied for no good reason at all other than it expresses that which is essentially natural and normal to divine existence which is the only existence you have to experience, unless you choose to abide in your faulty imagination.  And then you will seem to experience less, in that which is Divinely Natural.
Your Birthright doesn't have to be earned. You do not have to become worthy of God's Love. And you do not have to become worthy of His Will for you, which is  for you to experience yourself in your right Mind with a clear undistorted perception of your perfect body and with the capacity to recognize your world as God is Being It, rather than as your limited perception allows you to see It.
Literally, we are not talking about something that you must gain, that is not natural to you and which therefore requires some practice or exercise, some spiritual exercise or some practice of spiritually correct thinking, in order for you to gain this thing that is not fundamentally natural to you.
The children who are being born today, are being born into an environment and a social setting that is far more spiritually enlightened than society of a thousand y ears ago.  How is it that they are able to cope without having had to go through all of the last 1000 years and the social changes that were worked through, by those who were making the social changes?
It is because they don't come in with pre-conceptions. And they simply embrace what Is. They give permission for there to be cars and airplanes, they give permission for there to be not only color television, but little tiny color televisions, with VCR's that fit in the palm of your hand. They don't have to go through getting used to the wonders of radio and talking pictures, and the development of color film, and the development of black and white TV, etc., in order to be able to embrace this marvel of technology called a portable, handheld color TV, VCR. Likewise, it truly is unnecessary for everyone to go through meta-physical processes of intellect and reasoning in order to deserve to see perfectly. . . or in order to deserve to experience physical regeneration. There simply needs to be the child like willingness to give permission to embrace what is already your Birthright to be experiencing.
And this is the part of the process of yielding, yielding into your Birthright.  Everyone is going to yield into the experience of reality, or the Kingdom Of Heaven.   Everyone simply needs to say, Yes! to their fulfillment, and fulfillment does include the experience of regeneration and healing whether you're 80 or 40, or 25, or 14.
And that's the Truth.
QUESTION:  Thank You.
ANSWER:   You are indeed, welcome.

~excerpt from Gathering with Raj in Carmel 1990

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QUESTION:  I have a contrasting feeling about that.  For the last year I have been discovering the person inside of me.  And the comfort of being with a group of people who I know are seeking that divinity, does not mean so much of sharing and but listening and of observing myself, and the gentle nature that I feel from being around people in less loquacious ways.
Raj, my question in my search during this last year, and all of the wonderful things that I have discovered that makes me feel a part of the universe, and of the word “service” has emerged a number of times, and the feeling of service has emerged, and as I listen to definitions of service and exploring what it might mean and how I might be as a person in service.  And incidentally, the Mother Theresa film this evening I feel...  I have applied to the Peace Corp and this is a dream that I have had since 1962, to be a part of that. 
And so my question to you is:  if you see me in that role?  And if I feel it’s a logical extension and I would simply like some collaboration that you might give me on that path of service?  And maybe if it’s not the Peace Corp, it’s something else.  But I would like some direction about the meaning and your interpretation of being of service.
ANSWER:  I will say first of all that it is a marvelously congruent next step for you.
Service... Servant...  If you wish to serve your fellow man, you had better not try to serve your fellow man, else your fellow man will eat you up.  You will sacrifice yourself.  You will be what you serve.  If you wish to be of service to your fellow man, you had better be in touch with what you Are. 
I will soften that a little bit.  If you wish to serve your fellow man, then I encourage you to desire to be in touch with your Self, with a capital “S”.  I encourage you to daily say, “Today I will make no decisions by myself.”  I encourage you to join, not with your fellow man whom you would serve, but to join with that ballast in you that keeps you in balance.  And that ballast in you is the Holy Spirit (the disowned part of yourself that is held in trust, while you think that you are just an ego). 
When you lean into, and depend upon, and yield to the Holy Spirit, you are integrating your limited sense of yourself with the wholeness of what you Are.  And the wholeness of what you Are is not in anyway separate from everything else.  And so in that experience of your wholeness you literally feel your oneness with everything.  And without a false sense of separation that creates fear, there is the peaceful perspective of that which is utterly appropriate in your actions.  And when you behave in the world from that place, everyone will say you have served them. 
If you try to serve your fellow man without doing this, your fellow man will recognize your willingness to give your power away, and they will take charge of you, and you will be the puppet at the end of the strings that are attached to their fingers.  And then you will say in all misery, “There must not be a God, because when I have decided to express love to my fellow man, I have just been used.”  That’s because the fundamental, basic, initial, connectedness with your Being, and the joining with the Holy Spirit that that means, didn’t occur first, providing the ballast or balance that allows you to be truly appropriate in transformational ways. 
This might sound like a complicated task, or a big hurdle to be able to get over, and maybe it will take you more time to get over it than you have before you should tackle joining the Peace Corps.  No.  Join it, today, tomorrow, while you are in the groups.  Be with your fellow man and woman with the desire to know what the Father’s Will is, with a desire to have a perspective that is not based on what you perceive their needs to be, but based upon what you feel impelled by the Holy Spirit to do. 
Your desire to participate in the Peace Corps, came as a result of listening.  It is an evidence of emerging clarity.  And so, it is appropriate for you to take that step.  But just remember each step of the way, listen to the Holy Spirit. 
Paul would become apparently utterly useless if he was really trying to help you, and if you became the focal point, and if he cared what you thought about his “help.”  But his attention is with me, and he is expressing what is unfolding in his conscious experience as a result of that listening.  And then, you might say, that as a result of that you feel unity, you feel touched, you feel heard, you feel embraced, and you are likely to say that Paul is very helpful. 
And yet as I said earlier, he has been out of control for ten years, and has no sense of having accomplished a task of being helpful.  Because, if you want to know the truth, he doesn’t even have any idea of why what I might be saying to you would be helpful.  But it doesn’t change the fact that he is experiencing meaningfulness within himself, and everyone else is experiencing meaningfulness, and therefore there is fulfillment—obvious fulfillment. 
I have said it before and I will say it again:  The most direct route to your fellow man is right through the center of your Being.  So if you want to help your fellow man, go into that place in you where you can experience your divinity, and in that experience have the inescapable recognition that your experience of your divinity proves the divinity of your fellow man. 
And then, just as with Mother Theresa, you may look at anyone in any apparent condition and see the Christ.  And in seeing the Christ, be that act of love that I have described as the recognition of that which is Real, with a capital “R”, in each and everything—which is transformational, which is the leaven that leavens the whole lump. 
Enjoy this new adventure, but don’t become so excited with its novelty that you stop experiencing it from your best centered, connected place.  That’s the end of the answer.
QUESTION:  I have a follow up on that.  There seems to be a conflict between being so self-centered, and then being interested in other people.  And you described my problem very clearly in your answer to me.
ANSWER:  That was a description of the solution. 
QUESTION:  Well, it’s also the problem.  All right I’ve written it down, so I’ll review what you said as my solution.  Thank you.
ANSWER:  Indeed, you have illustrated a wonderful point.  Everyone, at sometime or another, arrives at a point of saying in all frustration and despair, “I can’t do this.”  And you judge yourself and you feel miserable and your words have stated the problem.  And then in the moment of your deepest despair you realize that that statement is the answer—“I can’t do this.”  And you feel the relief that you don’t have to continue trying to do what you can’t do. 
The realization that you really can’t do it is a revelation that you had been bound by your concepts to do something that it was not reasonable for you to do, and your conditioning continued to tell you that it was reasonable.  And the moment you say, “I can’t do it,” and you feel the relief of it, your world that expected you to do it, or supported your belief that you ought to be able to do it, will reconfigure and no longer support your belief that you ought to be able to do it.  And it will confirm that you cannot do it, and that the world doesn’t expect you to do it. 
It is a truth, “To thine own self be true, and it must”—it doesn’t say it might or it ought to—“it must follow as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” 
What is the gift you have to give?  What is the gift that any of you have to give?  You exist.  There is a reason for your existing.  The reason for your existing is to make the gift of who you Are—the Individualized, but unlimited expression of God. 
How can you make the gift of your Self if you don’t know who you Are?  It is selfish to make a gift when your hands are empty.  It is selfish to ignore yourself for the sake of others and their perceived needs, which they will be most happy to convince you of and prove to you are real—for which there is no solution.  They will be happy to convince you of that. 
You know why it is selfish to serve others?  Because in ignoring yourself you don’t make the gift of you, and it would seem that some aspect of God is unexpressed.  You are withholding God from expression when you are trying to be what someone else needs you to be.  And yet, if you do care enough to be what the ego calls selfish and you do yield enough, you do sacrifice the masks and the misperceptions and the false definitions of yourself, and you do begin to feel who you essentially Are, which means to feel the presence of God. 
Then what will happen where you are is the Movement of God.  And it will be congruent and it will be transformational and everyone will say, “You have been most helpful.  You have changed my life.”  And you will say, “But I didn’t do anything.  I don’t know why you would say that.  But I am very happy for you.  And I thank you for loving me in your expression of gratitude.” 
The ego is a hundred and eighty degrees out of sync, that’s why it’s a liar and the father of the lie.  It says the exact opposite of the truth.  And it says to be loving you must extend yourself to others at your own expense.  Martyrdom is the sign of great spirituality.  That’s the end of the answer.

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"You are the only dynamic point of transformation that exist."

Do you know that you are a more efficacious voice for transformation in the world than any book, teaching, philosophy or religion? In fact, you are the only dynamic point of transformation that exists!

Teachings and thought systems have not the capacity to embody Love, and only Love embodied is transformational. How to be the presence of Love cannot be taught. Therefore, all that any religious or spiritual teaching worth its salt can do is point you in the direction of that inner point of honest struggle and decision, wherein you yield to God - where you do more than say, "Thy will be done," and actually set aside your own in favor of His.

Do not ask any book or teaching to reveal God to you. It is impossible. To revere a document or a set of words will only distract you from the reverence due the altar in your heart where We await you, and your freedom from illusion, too. It is so easy, but preoccupation with external props can make it difficult if they are used improperly. Do not make gods of them and bow to them. Do not revolve your life around their words, but let the words inspire you to go within. From there release the words that helped you to that inner place, and open up to Him in all simplicity, humility. Don't hold Him to the words that brought you to the point of feeling His sweet love for you, just as you would not hold Him to the suffering it sometimes takes to bring you to your knees and open up your heart.

Whatever brings you to that place within where all the bullshit stops, be grateful for. But do not idolize the means by which your honesty came into play and opened up the door to your Inheritance. Once opened, you will be the Love that can't be taught, and transformation will occur, for you will be about your Father's business, hopelessly original in everything you say and do and be.