Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's all about kindness

"In order to develop the intelligence of kindness, you must discover the joy of truly giving and forgiving—no strings attached, not even so much as for glory or recognition.  A man who reserves his offerings only for exchange or control will soon lose the intelligence of kindness.  Next, you must learn how to be kind to yourself.  Some people are afraid of being kind to themselves for fear that it represents weakness, or that it may lead to indulgence.  Others eat chocolate and watch TV all day.  That is avoidance of life; not kindness.  Such disabling habits exist because they do not know what kindness is.  In tapping into kindness, you are literally tapping into the intelligence of God.  In understanding kindness for yourself, you also understand it for others.  It is the Will of God that you be kind to yourself and others.
"Kindness is the right use of will.  Kindness is GOOD WILL—expressed as caring, helping, refraining from hurtful actions, sharing making life work, and consideration of others.  Kindness is strength in action.  The confidence that comes from showing kindness is a masterful influence over any situation.  Think about how much strength it takes to honor your true potential instead of diminishing it.  Consider how much strength it takes to show good will to someone who is hurting you.
"Kindness is the consummating dimension of the heart's intelligence, the Will of God for life itself.  When I use the word, "intelligence," do not confuse it with the dry detachment of mental reasoning.  True intelligence is merely certainty and understanding, which bring both clarity and passion to life.  Another way of saying the same thing is that within the Sacred Heart are seven passions: Unity, Love, Life, Respect, Honesty, Justice, and Kindness, which bring understanding and focus to living.  Together they generate COMPASSION, which is the soul's true Knowing." 
 ~Love Without End, Jesus Speaks, pg 176

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