Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Soul mates

QUESTION:   Do I have a soul mate in this lifetime, or will I find a marriage partner, a committed partner?
RAJ/JESUS:   The concept of a "soul mate" is a very romantic notion, which, from the human standpoint is marvelous and wonderful. But, it presupposes an incompleteness of you, which will be completed by the presence of this one "special" one.
When it begins to dawn in your thought that because you are the direct expression of the Life-Force, the Life-Principle, or God, and that therefore you are the expression of a Wholeness, a Totality, which is forever intent on fulfilling Itself because It MUST forever manifest the eternal creativeness of the Father, then it will become obvious to you that whatever forms evolve to identify fulfillment are arising out of the Wholeness that You Are, rather than the "incompleteness" that you are.
As this begins to dawn in your thought, it will become obvious that this has to be absolutely true of any individual who may come into your experience and apparently constitute a committed life partner. Thus, it will become obvious that the relationship that evolves will simply be constituted of the harmonious blending and unfolding of the universal Life-Principle, which is constituting your Individuality and the Individuality of the one with whom you are sharing the relationship.
Now, it is the Intent of your Being to fulfill itself perfectly. Therefore, you can ANTICIPATE the coming into your experience of that which will identify experientially the Fullness or Wholeness of your Being.
Being is not finite. Your Being is not finite. Restated: Your Being is infinite. The harmonious unfoldment of that Infinity embraces every other aspect of the infinitude of your Being of which a potential partner is one part. You constitute an aspect of the infinitude of that "other one" who would constitute a partner. And, again, your coming into each other's conscious experience simply constitutes the harmonious flow of the tapestry of Life, the tapestry of your Being, his Being, without any actual sense of "separated beings."
QUESTION: A feeling of total connectedness?
RAJ: Exactly. Each of you will bring to each other out of the Wholeness of your Being, rather than out of a sense of partiality, of separated incompleteness.
Now, if your Being is Total at this moment, then at EVERY moment you are subject to the fullness of the experience of that Totality. And there is not some partner who may or may not be incarnated at this time, who you may or may not connect with, who you may or may not overlook, etc. And yet, all of these factors come into play in the concept of soul mates.
You can dare to be alert to see how your Being unfolds Its fulfillment in the form of a partner, while at the same time, within your anticipation, being aware that this "other one's" Being is in the process of manifesting Its fulfillment. The coming together is a total, divine activity that expresses the Oneness of Being, rather than the coming together of two tiny, inconsequential, little mortal organisms who may be able to manufacture enough satisfaction to make life worth living.
You see this is part of waking up into the Wholeness of your Being NOW! It constitutes beginning to see yourself in a new way HERE! Not off in the future after you have Ascended.
QUESTION: Is there anything I need to know at this time?
RAJ: The key need here is self-confidence and competence. It is important to understand that as long as you are depending upon your reasoning and thinking processes and your memory, you will always feel a lack of competence and self-confidence, because you know that there is always something which may escape your grasp, something which you may not have sufficient knowledge about in order to be able to cope as well as you would like.
If you insist on depending upon your limited education and limited experience at reasoning, extrapolating, and coming to conclusions, you will overlook the fact that you, within your Being, embrace all that there is to know. And, that there is a place in you where you can access this deeper level of Knowing. Yet, this is the one essential thing for you, and indeed for everyone, to discover.
You are not totally oblivious of this, and you are not totally unfamiliar with this place, even though you can afford to devote more of your attention to it. So, I am going to encourage you to allow yourself to even more consistently draw from your greater capacity to be aware in dealing with any and every situation, which confronts you.
It is out of your Knowing that your self-confidence will emerge, and your experience of your competence. It will seem to be what you would call "intuitive." You have not been encouraged by the educators in your educational system to rely heavily on Knowing that doesn't arise out of the mental processes of data gathering, sorting, reasoning, and coming to conclusions. Yet, as you are aware, those processes never allow you to come to a place of real security, real self-confidence, even though it will bring you to a reasonable level of competence.
Again, this is specifically the area that needs your attention at this time. The more you are willing to trust into your deeper levels of Knowing, which you brought with you into this life experience, and which have continued to be with you constantly, the more you will find your self-confidence and self-appreciation growing. It will be with a sense of stability and competency that will not be accompanied by a fear of potential guilt, because what you know will not be subject to personal judgment.
Since you do not "figure out" what you Know, you are not subject to judgment for it, and from an ego place you are not able to take credit for it, either—other than for your willingness to be in that inner Place where you can access your deeper levels of Knowing. That you WILL have been responsible for.
Again, I encourage you to continue to let your efforts be in this direction. It is the right direction. In the meantime, if you find yourself feeling unsure, be willing to override it and hang in with your intent to listen deeply within for the knowledge needed at any given time in your day, whether it is with a client, whether it is deciding between a roast or ground round for company the day after tomorrow, or whether you want to take in a show.
Realize that you are not actually reaching outside yourself. You are not turning your life over to some external source. You are choosing to gather your information from a much deeper level of your Being, which Knows exactly what is most appropriate because It sees the larger picture—a picture which you presently are unable to grasp directly, other than by this process of going within and listening specifically. The harmony, which will result, will further substantiate your ability to trust, and this will increase your feeling of competency and confidence.
~excerpt from Conversations with Raj 1985 Newsletter

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